What’s good Titans. This is your boy Conscience and I’m about to bring to you HipHoptitans.com’s new feature, “Top 10 videos and songs that set Hip Hop back 30 years.”  I know that some people may not like me for this one but everyone at HipHoptitans.com prides ourselves by staying true to the art of Hip Hop; with that being said  we don’t have a problem calling out names lol. Well # 10 on our list of videos is Trinidad James – All Gold Everything. First I would like to say that when you have a Dog doo-dooing on the grass within the first 30 seconds of your video you know you have a winner. Lmao! When I first saw the video I was like is the Dog taking a ish on the grass? SMH. Well lets go to his lyrics now. “Gold all in my chain, gold all in my ring, Gold all in my watch, Don’t believe me, jus watch, Nigga nigga nigga Don’t believe me, jus watch Don’t believe me,  jus watch Nigga nigga nigga Don’t believe me, jus watch Don’t believe me, jus watch.”  I’m not going to say anything about the hook, it speaks for its self.  The best line in the whole song to me is and I quote “Popped a molly, I’m sweating, woo, Popped a molly, I’m sweating woo, Momma always told me, boy count your blessings
In God I Trust, so I kept counting them Franklins”.    What the hell does Popping Molly’s and what his Momma always told him have to do with anything? I feel sorry for the babies. SMH. Lord help us LMAO.  Now let’s talk about the visuals.  When has rappers that look like Jerome from the TV show Martin ever been seen as a good look?  I’m just saying.  Also what’s up with the dude that’s getting pushed in a gold shopping cart in the video?  I wonder when they were working on the treatment of the video did someone say, hey lets gold plate a shopping cart and have someone push your boy ray ray in the cart.  SMH.  Well I did enough talking about this video.  If you are a fan of Trinidad James I’m sorry but can you please give me two good reasons why I should like this video?  Titans tell me what you think and be sure to be on the lookout for #9 on the list.

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