The fine line between innovative underground music and mainstream music hits becomes blurred in the translation of 3Heart’s production with the high energy of 4DHxH’s visceral delivery.
As we discover ourselves, we learn our purpose here, the redefinition of anarchy, the empowerment of our people, and the new age of Free Love in this hectic landscape we call Earth. Watch “Love You Pay Me” on YouTube.

Born Los Angeles and raised in Inland Empire (Tongva/Yuhaviatam territory), 4dhxh is a multidimensional Hip-Hop Artist with a love for visuals and visceral live performances. 4dhxh made their most pivotal album on their 25th year of life in 2019 (1722) with Serenity: All Is Love All Is Well, All Is Lies All Is Hell, diving into the spirit of the Human Condition. Now the New single of Love You Pay Me puts a new level of depth to the music of 4dhxh.

The synergy between the message and sound of 4dhxh provides a cohesive and open ended suggestion as to what we are, why we are, and relation to the Metaphysical world around us.

They also worked with artists from Blaq Kush to Spencer Bonds to Tamaskin to PAZ el Pana and actively touring seeking recognition for their craft. They represent the simplicity of life, infinite Love, Indigenous roots, and connection to all that exists, One Love.

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