Absense’s “Winners Mentality” isn’t about being flashy, but knowing what your next move is, knowing where you are in the world and how you can progress.

Jaime Waite, also known by the stage name Absense. The 25 year old Bronx native’s talent is clear, utilizing his production and rapping skills to create a soundscape that harnesses both the bounce and catchy melodic vocals that have bolstered the South’s place at the forefront of modern hip-hop, as well as the unmistakable grittiness and direct lyrics that his New York is so renowned for. Absense has developed a sound that’s enjoyable and consumable while remaining authentic. Absense wants his voice to be heard and has no shortage of confidence in his quality and calibre as an artist, a confidence that he effortlessly projects in videos and flowing seamlessly over his own well crafted production. This is certainly an artist to look out for in the future.

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