Albert Whitehead’s “Come As You Are” is a song that represent’s our spiritual journey to self discovery and acceptance.

Too big for words – best describe the music, production style and physical presence of Artist/Producer – Albert Whitehead – This young man grew up on the West side of Chicago he is a son of a preacher. Albert first began singing in the church choir. His love of music drew him to record in many different places, most notably: George’s Music Room where, since the age of 10 Albert was hanging out discovering the new records. He learned music by ear, by listening to the radio, and playing in high school bands. Albert is well versed in playing the piano, keyboards, drums, and percussion. It was while Albert was attending a special, advanced high school music class in programming where some professional musicians discovered the unique gift of this talented young man.

Albert’s music embraces old school, modern grooves of urban music today to include R&B, Jazz and Blues resulting in a connection of his own.

He has produced singles for stars such as (Lemme Battles / Shannon Harris for Ashro Records / The Own Network / Oprah Winfrey / Dr. Phil / Dr. Oz and and a host of movie and commercial placements such as Kodak, Heineken, “How Bruce Lee Changed The World” and so many more.

Overall, Albert has many inspirations but his love for music is one of a kind.

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