ALFHA Sam has a discography that is equivalent to a breath of fresh air in today’s music industry, every track of his gives us an incredibly different experience. Hailing from Sacramento, California he represents an upcoming label he is a member of named “ALFHA.” The label is an acronym which governs how everyone in the label operates their own lives on a day to day. The acronym is ARTISTRY, LOYALTY, FAMILY, HONESTY, & ALPHA. Through the support & guidance of his label ALFHA Sam has created a unique sound that has pushed him into becoming a top tier upcoming artist with insane amounts of versatility in his music.

When you listen to ALFHA Sam’s discography you will see how very different each track is in terms of flow, production, content, etc. ALFHA Sam is definitely an artist that can cater to nearly any type of hip hop fan. If you need lyricism & bars he definitely has that or he can easily deliver a melodic hit whenever tasked with the mission. Overall ALFHA Sam is definitely an upcoming artist the we expect to see a lot more of in 2020. Go check him out on instagram @alfhasam for all content updates.

My new track Real One is featuring my brother ALFHA Bliss & is touching on the topic of intimate relationships. This song was created with the sole purpose of explaining to my audience that if you find that “real one” or significant other, your life will change for the better. Even the bad is made good or bearable when with this specific person. As an artist I always like to convey my spin on different struggles or concepts, & this is my take on how a good relationship should look. Enjoy!

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