I’m with Arsenio on this one, if Kanye West didn’t know what really happened on Arsenio’s Television show situation he shouldn’t have used his name. But on the other hand I’m still with Kanye on a lot of what he said during the Breakfast Club interview.  Arsenio’s statement about Kanye not using the word slave so loosely in some ways I’m with him, but I do understand why Kanye used the word slave to make his points on true ownership. With  the powers that be making up 1 percent of the population you have to ask yourself how can they own and control almost everything?  I know Kanye West was talking about economic slavery and fashion but I have to break a few things down.  The Emancipation Proclamation stopped legal slavery on January 1, 1863, but slaves in the south had to wait until union forces were able to take charge of an area only then the slaves were freed.   But you also have to realize that these same slaves when they were freed they were freed with nothing!  Some didn’t even have cloths and when I say they didn’t have anything I mean nothingggggggggggg.   Most slaves due to this had to go back to their slave master to try to make a living and they were paid basically nothing. It was almost as if they were slaves again.  How is this fair?   How is this the  American way?  Slaves helped to build this country and got nothing in return. The ex-slaves of this time that didn’t have money to survive ended up getting into another from of slavery and that was economic.  You have to think about this in a true capitalistic society, “the powers that be” will always try to exploit the system to make the biggest profit.  Just think about the companies that use child labor in other countries to make bigger profits.  America to me has never really addressed “the elephant in the room” of how slavery and racism has put a group of people in economic chaos for generations.   So I do understand what both people are saying but there’s a lot more that needs to be said on this subject. Titans, what do you think?


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