“You Got Games On Your Phone” was produced, recorded, written, mixed, and mastered by Burnin Giraph along with sample help from fellow producer ConCuan (LA). The artwork for the single was provided by Alex Wiley and the video dropping Feb 28th with On The Rize Magazine was shot and directed by Justin Marino.

The track delivers distorted slamming bass from hell while Giraph’s lyrics are a message for whats to come in life as well as from himself musically. Although he technically is rapping, his flow is delivered in a similar manner to death metal vocal patterns. The first lyrics we hear from Giraph are “Ima spit in the face of art…” where he uses the word ‘art’ in a loose manner. Art imitates life, as life imitates art, which he states in his hook “It’s all a game, it’s all a game, it’s about how you play and what you make”. The overall message of the track is simply “if you’re looking for banality and mediocrity, this is not for you…”

Engineer, Producer, DJ, and now Emcee, Burnin Giraph is an artist from NY currently living in Long Beach, CA. Giraph has been producing since 2006 and first appeared on the scene in 2015 DJing local shows in LA, running a set for Insomniac Lambs as well as opening for artists such as Team Sesh’s Key Nyata and Florida’s Wifi’s Funeral. About the same time he started working with LA artist Asad ILL, Giraph also met Chicago artist Alex Wiley and in Feb 2016 was DJing for Wiley on a 3 month tour with Hippie Sabotage. This led to other tours with Wiley & “The Hippies” which also included Producer/Engineer/Software Developer, Mike Gao. In the summer of 2016 Wiley & Giraph were on the road again this time with “Cool Kids” Chuck Inglish playing shows up the west coast into Canada later to fly to A3C Fest in ATL and open for 21 Savage. Giraph has been working with both Wiley and Asad since 2016, playing with Wiley all over North America and playing locally in LA with Asad ILL at the city’s most prominent events such as Low End Theory and Banana’s.

In 2016 Burnin Giraph began engineering with the help of Mike Gao so that he could help Wiley with his project Tangerine Dream. Giraph would go on to mix a handful of the songs on the project, adding vocal samples from Alan Watts quotes that he had memorized, and producing the song “Fire”. He also helped Wiley with several tracks from “Village Party III: Stoner Symphony”, and “Synthia, Pt 1: Dial Tone”. 2017 Burnin Giraph, along with fellow producers ‘CRSN’ and ‘CBass’, formed the producer collective 2Thirty5. Since then they have worked with artists such as J.I.D., Myke Bogan, Alex Wiley, Qari, Khary, Twevle’len, Mick Jenkins and more. In 2018 Giraph formed the label Love Money Power Music Group (LMPMG) with Asad ILL which include LA artists Asad ILL, Burnin Giraph, Tru, K Solar, and more. This is when Giraph began DJing at the Death LA events as a resident DJ hosted by LA artists Sahtyre and Verbs. This helped Giraph branch out to other LA artists in the scene and begin working with them.

In 2017 he released an album with Asad ILL called “God’s Gift” where Giraph produced the entire project and acquired features from Dende X, Tru, & Osbe Chill. In spring 2018 he released “End Of The World EP” with Qari, Vinny Virgo, Asad ILL, Waju, Richard Wright, & Loe as well as an EP in the summer titled “Flux EP” featuring Myke Bogan, Sahtyre, Richard Wright, Loe, Asad ILL. The production on all three projects showed the direction Giraph was headed allowing him to create his 2019 debut solo produced album “Duality” featuring artists from LA, Long Beach, and the Inland Empire such as Huey Briss, Seafood Sam, JSNMSK, Asad ILL, EpicMustDie, Pistol McFly and more. in 2018 he began engineering Sahtyre’s projects such as “Cry Now Die Later” and later in 2019 his EP with Tommy Boy artist Trizz titled “Hades” also producing one of the singles for the project titled “Hands Clean”. In 2018 Giraph was introduced to LA artist Xavier and engineered his debut project “Hackers” breaking over 250,000 streams.

2020 has been fuel for Burnin Giraph’s fire. He’s picked up the mic for the first time in a decade since playing with death metal bands in 2010 and decided to combine his love of punk, rap, metal, electronic music, psychedelics, and everything in between to bring us his new project “Dark Matter” which he has produced, recorded himself, wrote his lyrics, mixed, and mastered. Although Giraph has been quiet about a release date, he has already began promoting by dropping his first single titled “You Got Games On Your Phone?” which is streaming everywhere and has a video filmed, edited, and directed by Justin Marino, to be released Feb 28th with On Tha Rize Magazine.

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