Chicago artist Scofield takes you on a personal journey with his new release “The Legend of Scofield”. Known as one of his most prominent collections of work, TLOS (The Legend of Scofield) is a testament to his faith, toughness, and perseverance. Known as a lyrical beast and member of Chicago hip-hop collective, ‘Deepsicks’,  Scofield steps up to give hip-hop fans a closer look talking  about family matters, morals, values, drugs, and violence that tribute to environmental factors from his perspective

Executive produced by creative business partner & Detroit native Cysion, the project is a collaborated masterpiece with talented producers and artists such as Jah Safe, Jerry G, Damo & more. Scofield invites his audience on this lyrical journey with standout singles like ‘Soul Searching,’ ‘ Money Fly’ and ‘Shadows of Love.’  Showing that hip-hop is more than just “spitting” rhymes, he uses music as self-motivation to strive, finding success against the odds. Scofield uses his message to shed light on overcoming obstacles and celebrating victories.

Follow Scofield on IG: @Scofieldmusic Twitter: @maticulous5

Listen to Scofield’s new EP “The Legend of Scofield” Now by streaming on Tidal, iTunes Apple Music, and Spotify

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