“Digits” is a song I made around 18 and going through a hard time in my career. I couldn’t afford to record my music so I would just write as much as I could. When hearing this beat, it gave me an uplifting feeling so I wrote about what makes us all happy – MONEY! This song was meant to help encourage me and keep me motivated for the future.

DEBO was born Dorian Martin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 28th, 2000. Born and raised in a city full of violence he was able to stay away from the street life and focus on a more progressive future. He and his two younger brothers come from a single-parent home and a hard upbringing. In December of 2016, he released his first song and received a lot of attention from his peers and teachers at his local high school Milwaukee High School of the Arts. From there, he knew that music was the career path he wanted to go down. After taking 3 years off from music to learn more about the industry and learning studio software to work alone as his own engineer, he enrolled in Full Sail University to study for a Bachelor’s Degree for Audio Production to further his music education prior to being a vocal major in high school for 4 years.

DEBO comes from a family of music, and is no stranger to music and performance. His Grandfather was apart of a gospel group called “Crowns of Glory”, whose song “Lord hold me in your arms” is sampled in Lil Wayne’s song “Demon” from “Tha Carter V” album. While being raised in the church, he watched his mom direct and sing in the choir growing up, which led him to playing the drums for the choir since age 8. His biggest influences and inspiration in music comes from Young Thug & Lil Wayne. Rapping was something he liked to do since he heard Lil Wayne’s “Mrs. Officer” featuring Bobby Valentino.

As he grew older, it wasn’t until his freshman year in high school where he was starting to work on finding his own “sound” thanks to the help of his high school friends. He was unable to afford any studio sessions so he couldn’t record any of his music until his junior year. With that being his first song, which was released on Soundcloud, it gained him thousands of plays, popularity, and fans. He had his first performance at a pep rally and his song was even played during a slideshow at his high school graduation. That is when DEBO was ready to take things further and really give it all he had.

He taught himself how to record and mix his own voice and worked on expanding his sound through other genres like Pop & Holiday. Currently, he’s working on building his fan base by using the different genres he has obtained to gain more fans through different tastes of music. It’s still the beginning if his career and he has so much more in store for the new year 2020, there’s a lot more music, videos, collaborations, and content coming soon.

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