01. Van Driving Jobs [Intro]
02. Smart Dummies (feat. Masta Ace) [Video]
03. Give Me Mine (feat. Big Shug & Marina P)
04. Black Is The New Black (feat. Illspokinn) [Video]
05. Arson (feat. Shine Sinatra) [Video]
06. Game Change (feat. Shine Sinatra)
07. Contract Driver [Interlude]
08. Stay Focused (feat. Edo G)
09. Tedium (feat. M-Dot) [Video]
10. Future Medication [Interlude]
11. Who’s Dizz (feat. Dizzy Senze)
12. Acceptance (feat. Dominique Larue)
13. L.A. Delivery [Interlude]
14. The Park (feat. Rabbi D)
15. Weather (feat. Kennedy)
16. Unchained [Outro]

• Produced, Arranged & Performed by Zoom & Rectape
• Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @ rectapestudio.com



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