According to former YMCMB artist Gillie Da Kid is set to Play the Legendary Hip Hop artist Tupac Shakur.   Gillie Da Kid told that “Just know I’m going to transform like Will Smith did when he played Ali,” Gillie told “We already know I’m ‘G’d’ enough to play ‘Pac, that was never a question after they put a little make up on me. I been in the gym. I’m trying to put on a little 10 (pounds) real quick.”    Right now there is a budget in place for the film but filming hasn’t started as if press time.  This should be interesting Gillie Da Kid  has been a very controversial figure himself as an artist.  He has had beef with fellow  Philly rappers  Cassidy  and Meek Mil and he also is said to have influenced Lil Wanye’s style.  Titan fans do you think that Gillie Da Kid is a good fit to Play Tupac.  Let us know.


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