What’s up Titans.  HipHoptitans.com Sept 8th model of the week is the lovely Ariel Simmons. Ariel is  a 23 year old print, commercial, & fashion model. Ariel top HipHoptitans that she has had the pleasure of being a working model for the past four years. She’s worked with over 20 photographers within the four years; building her brand as well as her portfolio. She has worked with boutiques and online clothing companies as well as local magazines. She is apart of PUSH models agency where I get my promotional jobs. Ariel also told us that she was also a contestant in the MISS ILLINOIS/USA pageant. Ariel has graced a few runway & hairs shows, as well as ventured into the commercial/acting scene landing extra roles, landing the Steve Harvey Show, and my first commercial spec with Ketel One Vodka.   Ariel told HipHoptitans that she gives All homage goes to the most high, GOD, for blessing her  in her career this far. She told us her faith has carried her and allowed her to grow as a model.  She was quoted as saying  “I feel comfortable enough to actually call myself a model”. “I pray and include God in every decision that I make or plan on making. It’s second nature at this point. I’ve become very optimistic and knowing that what is for me will be and I am where I am for a reason. I’m grateful. I’m looking forward to the rest of my model life.”  Titans make sure you support this talented model and if you’re interested in booking Ariel email her booking @ the email below

Instagram: fashionerd_
Twitter: fashionerd_

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