Raised by DMX, Andre 3000 & Nicki Minaj comes a weird diversified kid. Always pushed to bring his name in front of at least millions one day but not yet accomplished that goal considers himself a late bloomer. Destined to prove he means business KeonXavier have a song called “Super Saiyen” simply for self motivation & mostly to inspire others to go super saiyen on everything you do. Being in his mid 20’s is not stopping him from accomplishing a God’s foot touching goal. Along that goal is to bring southern music to a more higher level coming from Miami, Florida. Expect to see 120 singles released from this late bloomer because he has a lot to prove with a chip on his shoulder from all the doors being shut in his face left to right. For anybody that doubted him let alone even know him have that energy, when you see he’s going “Super Saiyen”.

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