Courtney CGeezy Green was born in Atlanta, Georgia,  Aug 2, 1988 at Grady Memorial Hospital. CGeezy grew up in the inner city Zone 3 Summer Hill Pittsburgh area as a young teen. 2nd oldest out 5 a single mother he was always moving for some reason. As a kid, he always was into music singing, beating on tables, windows etc. 2004 CGeezy started up a group called TNT (Trill Niggaz Trapping) which didn’t last do to ego trips. Dropped outta school in 2005 and started Deejaying. In 2006 when he got a break to be House dj at a club and he never looked back. CGeezy also know as DJ MoneyOnDaTrack was the tour dj for the artist Cash Out.  2015 was the year he got serious about branding the name CGeezy. 2017 was the year the musician met his current  manager Ran. In 2018 at The Auburn Festival  he ran into Steve Riley and landed his first distribution deal. So far in his career, 2 albums have been released, “Trenches Reloaded” is CGeezy’s biggest record to date, can be heard on T.I.’s “Hustle Gang: We Want Smoke,” available along with the rapper’s other music on all digital streaming outlets.

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