“H2LU”, produced and mixed by MONTAE X.. This is a love song banger, with a melodic trap vibe. It has trance-inducing melodies that the listener can vibe to but is beautifully contrasted with hard-hitting 808s all in their perfect place, which are prone instigate mosh pits at his the shows. The song also has a guitar / vocal solo at the end, played by MONTAE himself. These layers are topped off with a groovy drum pattern, and catchy / IG caption worthy lyrics.

MONTAE X. is an artist and producer from Vancouver, Canada, though he spent most of his childhood in England. He grew up in music classes, playing drums and keyboard until he began playing for his church every Sunday when he was only 7 years old. Though it wasn’t until his family made the move to Canada that he started creating his own music in his bedroom, whispering raps into his USB mic so nobody would hear him. He now designs all his artwork and produces/mixes the majority of his music.

Fast forward a couple of years, and now he has over 200,000 streams, performing alongside acts like A$AP Ferg, Amine, 88GLAM, and Killy. In 2019 he released his debut EP “Apollo Montae”, and to wrap the year up he put out a few singles with Kid Filthy, under the collective DEAF2THEWRLD.

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