Shout out to Bush Rainier out of Washington on the cold production – New Throne Lane! Get in tune to the tracklist below to see how the homie is giving it up.

– #longlivejacob – Co-Prod by @iamjr2raw
– 222 Co-Prod @jeezjodi
– Additive Co-Prod @prodby.triplesix
– Apollo Abyss Co-Prod @whosthattweedy
– Bussin Co-Prod @t_willmusiq
– DIO Co-Prod @killa_calbo702
– Palace Gates Co-Prod @80.ymar
– Pray Co-Prod @visions23
– Tropic Co-Prod @tsujin_

The intro is memory of a fallen producer homie named Jacob Rusk. Stream below!

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