Titans checkout the Hot visuals from the talented duo Santiago & The Natural Got A Hold of Me.   This phenomenal duo songs have been featured on ESPN(“First Take” & “Friday Night Fights“) & Shade 45. They crafted the fight song “Warriors” for their alumni Notre Dame, & are recording a new album as we speak. Titans be on the lookout for that.  Both born of poverty, Jeffrey Stevens (The Natural) is from the South side of Chicago, while Lawrence Santiago is of Native-American descent & grew up poor on a reservation. Both have overcome statistical inevitabilty to become, respectively, an attorney & an architect.  Titans make sure you support these talented artist  and Shout out to Twoguard Media Group for bringing these talented artist to our attention.  Also make sure you like their fan page on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/santiagoxthenatural  and checkout the latest info on the group at http://www.santiagoxthenatural.com/


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