A mixture of illustrative bars and expressive energy, Midwest emcee Prospect Out Hrr differentiates between the real and the fake in his latest visual release “Clout Chasing.” Featuring fellow St. Louis artists Bates and IBenAGod, “Clout Chasing” calls out the haters, spectators, and naysayers from beginning to end; drawing a distinguished line between them and the winners in the game.

Directed by Soul Siren Playhouse, “Clout Chasing” gives insight into Prospect’s multifaceted rap style and his ability to mesh a metaphorical candor with realism on the beat. Vast alliterations throughout the song keep the listeners in tune while extreme flashing light and glimpses of imagery send viewers into sensory overload from beginning to end.

With a smooth, raw verse from IBenAGod, followed by high strung, energetic lyricism from Bates, “Clout Chasing” is a Fall favorite as the hustlers and the ambitious buckle down during the final quarter of 2020 and challenge any opposition.

“Clout Chasing” is a single from Prospect Out Hrr’s debut album No Direction coming in 2021 and is available now on all digital music platforms.


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