“New Higher Livings'” own Reign Gretzky unleashes a bangin’ new EP titled “Barn Burner”. This 5 track masterpiece shows off his clever vision and ferocious flows, all coming together for a killer project. As you can see in his career one of Reign’s goals is to bring the urban culture to Hockey. In 2013 he released “Reign Gretzky: Pre-Season (LiveMixtapes), In 2015 “Hat Trick: Hosted By: Jack Thriller” (mymixtapez.com/album/74712 ) and in 2017 “Face Off: The Sound Track” (All streaming platforms), which our all Hockey terms. In Hockey the slang “Barn Burner” means a great game which is why Reign named that his EP. This might be Gretzky’s best project yet. From the production’s of Maryland’s own “Bosley” to his hard-hitting concept’s & verses, “Barn Burner EP” is a memorable release that will have you looking forward to more from him soon.

Reign gets around. From Chicago to Atlanta with stops in Indiana, Gretzky wants to represent the people everywhere and anywhere. To keep expanding, J. Reign just keeps doing what he does: writes rhymes, develops hooks, produce movies, records tracks and videos.

J. was born and raised in the city of Chicago, but at age 18 he moved with his mother to Atlanta, GA. It was in this southern city that J. hooked up with Big Mill Productions who have helped the young rapper establish himself in the South as well as the Midwest. A writer and performer from an early age, J. has used his gifts for rhyming and his special cadence and delivery to create songs that get into the heads of listeners and turns them on to the “Reign Gretzky” sound. He works hard at his lyrics as well as at crafting the complete song. J. released his first LP in 2013 to a great audience response on LiveMixTapes. ”The Reign Gretzky Pre-Season” LP helped establish this theme of greatness and the spirit of a musical game where J. competes for the hearts and minds of listeners everywhere.

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