PDX artist Sourmouth issues his seventh video from “A Million Little Pieces” and it’s his most controversial yet. The self-directed “Because I’m Black” takes a sarcastically humorous approach to addressing racism and stereotypes in today’s culture. He speaks about how his skin color leads to women assuming he’s well endowed, constant police harassment and being considered a drug dealer all due to being black.

Sourmouth also adds in elements of a social experiment. It consists of a white and black man, blindfolded and holding signs stating “I trust you, do you trust me?”. With the segment clips, viewers are quick to realize just how serious things have become for people of color.

The final touches are the Oregon native’s point of view animation that helps tell a tale of what Sourmouth himself goes thru on a day to day basis. Be prepared to have your emotions stirred and your minds toyed with in “Because I’m Black” down below.

The album, “A Million Little Pieces”, can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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