Bar-burying Bronx artist Toxxx is taking off with hot new single, “Ol Skool”, a must hear via his indie record label ToxxxicView.

The Bar Burying New York lyricist is sure to bring them back again and again with his on par delivery and unorthodox witty wordplay in this soon to be Hip-Hop classic. The single “Ol Skool” already received major reviews and publication with over 50k streams online. You can now catch the single spinning on the legendary Desert Storm Radio.

The Bronx raised artist gives tribute and pays homage to some of the golden era artists, songs and labels of Hip- Hop. Toxxx brings it back with a throwback approach over a classic style beat with striking bass, drums, and a grungy melodic vibe produced by Pitt Tha Kid. Toxxx mentions the likes of Mr. Cheeks, Heavy D, Bad Boy and Roc-A-Fella in an inclusive form of lyricism to further enhance the flow of the track. Not only does Toxxx mention the legends on the track he worked with industry legend and mix engineer Steve Sola to mix and master the track to give it the extra needed essence to call itself “Ol Skool”. A celebration of Hip Hop for what it was, still is, & will be. “Ol Skool”s lyrics highlight some of the greatest memories in Hip Hop through slick wordplay & clever punchlines. Tune-In & bring it back with Toxxx.

“My single “Ol Skool” is like them memories you have that just make you smile out of nowhere. With me being a fan of Hip-Hop myself & all, I feel I had to pay homage to some of the events in Hip-Hop that just brought back them good memories to me and made me smile, feel me.”

Toxxx is a rapper with a non-traditional and unorthodox approach, his witty wordplay and punchline-heavy lyrical content has garnered him a prominent street buzz and growing fan base. Stay In-Tuned & be sure to get ready for the next project titled “1&Done” coming soon.

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