On Friday, February 24th, the Los Angeles City Council will award Terrace Martin with its highest honor, an Official City Resolution. This ceremony will commemorate Terrace’s long list of accomplishments that have made him one of the most influential musicians of his generation. Terrace will be honored by L.A City Council President Herb J. Wesson Jr. The Presentation of the Official Resolution is the City of Los Angeles’ way of thanking Terrace Martin for his dedication to excellence, musicianship, and the entire region of Los Angeles.

The award ceremony will last approximately 1-hour, starting at 10:00am sharp at Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N Spring Street, Third Floor Council Chambers. CP Wesson and other Councilmembers will regale briefly about Terrace and his impact on music and within the community. After all have spoken, CP Wesson will present Terrace with an Official City Resolution on Behalf of the City.

This event is open to the media and the public.

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