Brooklyn spitter K. Gaines and producer Maxwell Benson inks new deal with Priority/Captiol Records on highly anticipated EP “Ticket to Elsewhere.”  The EP serves as a puzzle piece in a much broader arch of works K. Gaines plans to release over the course of 2017/2018 including subsequent EPs. Each installment will showcase musical styles from distinct regions of the US with feature producers from each region.

Ticket To Elsewhere will push the envelope in hip hop over the course of seven tracks. From the socio – politically charged jungle ruckus of “Riot Gear” to the clever tales of “Glass Ceilings” (featuring Sebastian Marciano from Stereo Off) and major feature with Ras Kass. Ticket To Elsewhere also features work by up and coming Los Angeles visual artist Reef Kills. The artwork for each EP in the series, will form a more intricate visual piece with all the purpose and intention of a map.

“What we have is a beautiful conceptual arc,” muses K. Gaines. “When we blend our sounds, subject matter, and flows, what we are giving you is a ticket to somewhere else. Each EP is a puzzle piece to a different region. ” Benson adds, “We’re not chasing the crowd with this one, it’s an art piece. Not everybody’s gonna get where we‘re going, but we can leave a map in case they want to catch up.”

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Listen to K. Gaines New Mixtape “Capitol Gaines” on SoundCloud Below

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