The duo female rap artist Miss Chiff and male counterpart JXL have merged to create a dope track entitled “Movin’ Up”. Miss Chiff raps about achieving Queen status in the rap game, being hungry for success and taking the industry by storm by introducing a brand new perspective. JXL chimes in, relating to the haves and the have-nots, the spontaneous and uncontrollable bouts with bad luck and the spirit of overcoming. The word play and rhyme scheme has a constant flow but changes to keep the listener engaged in the message.
“Movin Up’” references growing pains, the new experiences that accompany growth and success, and the internal desire for us all to get with the movement now before it is too late. In hindsight, the duet makes a statement for their music and the impact they will have; they are coming through, like a wrecking ball and not accepting “NO” for an answer. Miss Chiff and JXL prove they are on the rise, as they create music that shows their talent and consciousness. They are in it to win and refuse to take any loses with this high energy track.

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